misconception about yoga

10 Common Misconceptions About Yoga

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Yoga. The word conjures images of pretzel-like poses and chants in dimly lit studios. But is that all there is ...

Ustrasana ( Camel pose) Benefits for the HEALTH

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Are you ready to unlock the transformative power of Ustrasana, often known as the Camel Pose? This exhilarating backward-bending yoga ...

Parsva Sukhasana : Benefits & Common mistakes to avoid

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Parsva Sukhasana, also known as Easy Side Pose, is a gentle yet deceptively potent yoga posture. As the name suggests, ...

How Does Yoga Help In Preventing Diseases?

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In a world where healthcare often focuses on treatment rather than prevention, the importance of preventive measures cannot be overstated. ...

Hatha Yoga Benefits: A Comprehensive Guide to its Numerous Benefits

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Hatha Yoga has gained popularity as a preferred yoga style due to its benefits. Hatha Yoga benefits in enhancing strength, ...