gurbandi badam benefits

Gurbandi Badam Benefits

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Almonds are a popular nut choice for good reason. They’re delicious, crunchy, and loaded with nutrients. But have you heard ...

Arnica Hair Oil Benefits

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Ever reach for a magic potion after a tough workout or a minor injury? Many athletes and individuals seeking natural ...

ghee with roti

How Many Calories Are in One Chapati with Ghee?

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Chapati with ghee is a beloved staple in Indian cuisine, enjoyed by millions across the country. This simple yet delicious ...

Paneer Egg Masala Recipe

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Do you ever get tired of the same old protein routine? Chicken, fish, tofu – it’s all delicious, but sometimes ...

toned milk vs cow milk – Which is Better? Complete Guide

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What is toned milk ? Toned milk is a dairy product primarily found in India. It’s made by combining buffalo ...

Papaya Soap Benefits for skin

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Are you also listening to papaya soap more and more these days? Papaya is a fruit that keeps you healthy ...

Balushahi Calories & Nutrition Values

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Balushahi is a delicious sweet treat that originates from the Indian subcontinent. It’s made from flour, sugar, and ghee (clarified ...

misconception about yoga

10 Common Misconceptions About Yoga

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Yoga. The word conjures images of pretzel-like poses and chants in dimly lit studios. But is that all there is ...

Cream Bun Calories: Decoding the Calories Content

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A Cream Bun (101 g) has 265 Calories. It also contain –  Cream buns, those fluffy clouds filled with creamy ...

How Many Calories Are In Bread With Jam?

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A Slice of bread jam provides around 180 to 300 calories, with a significant portion coming from carbohydrates. The nutritional value ...

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